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Before I turned my pet photography idea into reality, I was in a totally different field of photography.  I am a nationally published outdoor photographer specializing in adventure and landscape photography.  My work has been featured on National Geographic website, the National Park Foundation website, Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Backpacker Magazine.  So, why, might you ask, do I also work in pet photography?

There are many reasons but to be completely open, my upbringing definitely helped steer me in this direction.  Growing up in a small farm house with six cats, two dogs, a cockatoo, Canadian goose, box turtle, rescued baby squirrels, rabbits, guinea pigs, a fish and a snake, has given me a unique affinity and love for all animals.  My early years have had such an impact on me that at family gatherings, instead of socializing, I was playing with the cat and taking pictures of it.  It’s this love and compassion for animals that sparked my idea.

There are so many awesome moments that get missed in the blink of an eye and I’d like to help capture them for you.

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